private business development

marketing strategies

ZUNA will effectively prospect contracts and partnerships with organizations that are central influencers within any desired scope. Creating demand & service awareness to activate target users and invigorate sales channels to gain market share progressively. Our business development expertise will promote and generate user engagement and conversions structured to establish profitable longevity.


ZUNA fully integrates with a client to create and sustain a consistent referral stream with internal and external target customer bases. We utilize our senior management on all of our corporate accounts, a strategy that elevated us from other firms and positions us to achieve our client's aspirations within their business model. Our fully immersive business development includes an ability to adapt and grasp the systems in place to achieve productivity with minimal disruption or loss of function.


Key Business Development Services:
  • Full Business Development Strategy & Plan Implementation
  • Client Prospecting, Networking, and New Business Acquisitions
  • Company Contract Representation & Negotiations
  • Creative Marketing & Business Exposure Operations
  • Project Management & Business Consulting Services