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We work with a large network of private ISO's and Trade & Investment firms who represent various clientele in major franchise holdings in mid to large business markets. We have consistently placed "senior-level professionals" in various industries that fit within the realm of the upper echelon executive recruitments. We equip corporations like you, with matured cornerstone leadership talent that possess the extensive & necessary experience to adapt and grasp the systems in place, while implementing a strategy to spearhead a seamless operation and progressively profitable business structure. 


Our Comprehensive Professional Vetting and Diverse Elite Talent Class guarantee Accuracy of Candidates & High Retentions Rates. 

Recent ZUNA Executive Member Placements:


  • State Bar Awarded Super Lawyer (Top Private FL Law Firm)


  • Senior Product Designer, MScs ( StoneFly Electric Bicycles)


  • Resort General Manager, MBA (National Luxury Brand)


  • Corporate HR / Benefits Controller, SHRM ( Inova Health )

ZUNA Also provide Key Executive Appointments:


  • C-Suite Executives - CEO, CFO, CMO, COO, etc.


  • Government Administration - Comptroller, Tax & Audit.


  • Construction & Engineering - PMP, PE/Arch, SCSA, Civil,etc.

  • Health Professionals - Medical Admin, Technicians, etc.